Cropping Images and selecting tools



This presentation will introduce you how to use crop- and selecting tools.

To crop image area

To crop image is one of the basic image-editing operations. (NB! Remember design rules when you crop anew your image.) Most easy way to crop image is to use Crop-tool.

With cropping you can emphasize the image or even change the message in it.

More about the subject: (in Finnish)
Video: Crop-tool (in Finnish)

Selecting image area

With image selecting-tools you can select a certain area from the image that you want to edit without affecting the rest of the area.

Use of selective tools can be compared into selecting a text in word processing programs.

Video: Rectanqular marquee tool (in Finnish)

Video: Polygonal lasso tool (in Finnish)

Video: Magic Wand (in Finnish)

Video: Quick mask (in Finnish)

Video: Quick mask2 (in Finnish)



Level A

Use Crop-tool to select a square area and change the size to 200*200px.

Objective: Learn how to use Crop-tool.



Level B

Change the red sign to yellow so that you can still read the text on it. Use selecting tools.

Objective: Learn how to use selecting tools.





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