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Briefly about project

  • Project is administrated by Häme Polytechnic University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) and financed by European Social Fund.
  • Project has started in spring of the 2003 and will end in May of the 2006.
  • Our main goals are to develop eLearning in higher learning / education in the Häme region.
  • During the project we collaborate with different partners, few of them are for example The University of Tampere , Nokia, Mediamaisteri Group and different degree programs of Häme Polytechnic.

During the project we have produced many Learning Objects in Finnish and some in English. Learning Objects reusability is one of our main goals.

Learning Objects in Finnish are available for all. Links can be found on our website eOsaaja.

For more information contact:

Project manager: Hely Kilpeläinen, hely.kilpelainen@hamk.fi or
Webmaster: Mirlinda Kosova-Alija, mirlinda.kosova-alija@hamk.fi


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